At Kingfisher, the driving force of our business is our 77,000 colleagues, who work hard every day to look after our customers.

We have a unique collection of home improvement, trade and discounter brands, whose customers trust us to be at our best and do our best as we build a successful Kingfisher.

For us, a key part of this is also about building a responsible and inclusive business – one that believes each and every one of its 77,000 colleagues should have the opportunity to share in our collective future.

That’s why we’re launching the ‘1+1 Sharing in Our Future’ plan. We’re giving all Kingfisher colleagues the opportunity to become shareholders, or where that’s not technically possible in some countries, mirror shareholders – and we’re doubling their number of shares.

A share or mirror share purchase plan for all our colleagues who, every day, power Kingfisher.

A share purchase plan for all our colleagues who, every day, power Kingfisher

The 1+1 Plan is simple, accessible and convenient. Alongside all 77,000 Kingfisher colleagues, we’re giving you the opportunity to become a shareholder – and we’re doubling your number of shares.

To be eligible to participate, you must be employed on 22 September 2020.

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If so, you have successfully completed saving into your ShareSave and your savings pot is now full.

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